Weight Loss and How You Can Restore Facial Volume

You did it! You lost that extra 25+ pounds, but now you’re noticing that your once volumized cheeks are no longer lifting your face the way they once were. What gives?! While we love seeing the numbers on the scale drop. . . the other side of the coin is that weight loss can seemingly accelerate the aging process by causing superficial and deep fat pads to shrink while making the overlying tissues appear saggy. Don’t fret, the same treatments that treat the signs of aging can help volumize and tighten – and today we’re breaking it all down for you – read on for more!

Plump with Fillers – It’s hard to escape the name Ozempic nowadays, it’s being talked about nearly everywhere you turn! This diabetes turned weight loss drug is gaining popularity faster than ever and one of the effects of rapid weight loss is something we’ve been calling Ozempic Face! Your face structure just can’t bounce back and compensate for the pounds shed and it starts to look sunken, hollowed, and aged. Hyaluronic acid and smooth gel fillers like RADIESSE® and JUVÉDERM® will help to counteract the lost volume in the face, and just like your new body – give you curves in all the right places! Also, a word to the wise – it’s *always* better to add in fillers as one loses weight, not after, to mimic your faces natural shape and not try to play catch up all at once!

Restore Sunken Areas with PRF – As we lose weight in the facial area, some tend to “sink” and some tend to “sag” more but one things for sure (no matter which happens more to you!) – we can all use overall facial tightening from the inside out! That’s where platelet-rich fibrin treatments come in! These popular treatments (we especially love for under eye hollowing!) utilize your body’s own natural growth factors to encourage the production of collagen and elastin deep down in the dermis. This leaves you with results that counteract sinking and hollowing on the face and continue to improve over time! Weight loss or not – PRF treatments are one of our offerings that nearly all of our Skin Iowa beauties can benefit from as they mature into their golden years.

Lift with Morpheus8 – Unlike standard Microneedling (which only reaches depths of 1mm), our trending Morpheus8 treatment has customizable depths of up to 5mm – which means sagging skin from weight loss doesn’t stand a chance! This radio frequency and Microneedling technology is able to remodel fat, tissue and collagen under the skin to deliver that elastic, supple skin we all want (and let’s be honest, that we *need* post weight loss)! Because Morpheus8 treatments are triggering a healing response in your body, optimal results will show at week 2 – 3 post treatment and will continue to improve for up to 6 months – lasting a year or more! Better yet, this treatment is safe for all skin types!

Unlike our bodies, we unfortunately cannot exercise our faces. Treatments like fillers, PRF and Morpheus8 help us to fill and tighten as we age, and as we shed some pounds! Ready for your personalized consult? So are we! Call us today and we’ll go over the best options for your specific needs: 515-223-0119