✨ Summer in IN, Body Hair is OUT! 

To kick start your summer fun, we’re offering 20% OFF a package of 5 Laser Hair Removal Treatments! That’s underarms, bikini area, Brazilian, back, face, just about anywhere you have unwanted hair!

⚡ Laser hair removal is a safe, fast and effective alternative for dealing with unwanted hair. Lasers work by emitting a specialized light which passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin (color) in the hair follicle. This damages the follicle and causes the hair to fall out. ⚡

Call today to claim your laser hair removal savings and dare to be bare this summer! (515) 223-0119 📱

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Why Fake It When You Can Have the Real Thing?

Give your natural lashes a gorgeous Lash Lift and Tint - the perfect summer treatment to glam up your look while still keeping it simple!

🚫No lash extensions
🚫No mascara
🚫No curler

Call today to book your Lash Lift & Tint, July appointment times are filling fast:(515) 223-0119! 📲


You're Invited to Join Us!

With all the different skincare options these days, it can be hard to know where to start! 🤔

The products your bestie and favorite celebrity rave about likely won’t work best for your skin and we’re here to help you create a custom skincare routine that best suits YOUR needs! Our experienced team at Skin Iowa, PC will help you navigate the best in at-home skincare products for YOUR skin with our array of professional strength cosmeceutical products. 🧴✨

While strolls down the aisle of your favorite drugstore can be fun from time to time, there’s no replacement for the active ingredients in medical grade skincare (only sold at professional medical clinics) and the proven results they have on the health and appearance of your skin!

Join us on Wednesday, July 14 for a FREE ZO Skin Health Professional skincare consult tailored to YOUR specific needs at Skin Iowa! Call us at (515) 223-0119 to book yours today and elevate your skincare routine AND your skin health.


Come See What the Buzz is About at Skin Iowa, PC!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank you, Marina! Microdermabrasion treatments make for the perfect mother-daughter date or solo relaxation for your monthly self-care needs!

Call today to book your treatment with one of our highly trained and experienced staff: (515) 223-0119 📱 

You're Going to Want to Grab Your BFF for This!

On Tuesday, June 6th, we're celebrating Best Friends Day ALL day long at Skin Iowa, PC! 👭❤️️

When you call us Tuesday, June 8 and book a service with a friend, you'll BOTH get 10% off! That goes for HydraFacials®, BOTOX® Cosmetic, fillers, PlasmaPen™, laser hair removal, chemical peels and much more!

Don’t wait, this offer is only good on June 8! We can’t wait to hear which service you’ll choose to save on! 515.223.0119 📞


Learn Summer Skincare from the PRO!

The sun-drenched days of summer are upon us and you’ve probably noticed that your skin is operating a little differently these days than it was during the winter/spring months – and that’s a key sign that it’s time for a routine refresh!

Many patients have asked us for this and we’re finally spilling on Skin Iowa’s own PA-C Michon’s summer skincare routine to give you an idea of how the professionals do it themselves, and spoiler alert – it’s not as complicated as you may think!

Read more about Michon's Summer Skin Routine, here!


The Real MVP of Summer Skincare: ZO 10% Vitamin C!

Environmental factors like free radicals can trigger premature aging. ☀
How to defend your skin? ➡️ Add ZO® Skin Health 10% Vitamin C to your daily routine for a dose of pigment correction and antioxidant protection for a protected, luminous glow, year-round! 😎

Call us today to defend your skin, we can even set your ZO Skin Health order aside! 515-223-0119 📲