Why BOTOX is the Modern-Day Therapy

We all know the dreaded feeling; you hop on to social media just to see that one of your gal pals is trying to tag you in a photo from girls’ night last weekend. Eeek! Which side did I pose on? Was the camera angled just right? You click on the photo and “whew!” the lighting saved you this time from those pronounced wrinkles and under eye hollowing. But what if we told you that you didn’t need to worry about photo tagging dread? Today we’re going over our favorite treatments to ensure you get those perfect photos, you feel confident going in for that job interview, first date or just even just at your daily school pick up!

We all fall victim to negative self-talk from time to time and when you start to hear those voices creeping in – it’s important to take your happiness into your own hands! Many of our patients who come in regularly for injectables have likened their treatments to going to therapy (or better!) and they leave Skin Iowa and their visits with their injectors feeling more confident, refreshed, and rejuvenated. After all, confidence is the building block for the support we all need to get through everything life throws at us – and you deserve to feel GOOD about yourself 24/7!

BOTOX® Cosmetic – There’s nothing that can compare to that first BOTOX treatment when you start to see fine lines and wrinkles soften over the coming weeks. But what’s happening underneath the skin post BOTOX? It’s really quite simple – and involves this miracle neurotoxin moving from underneath the dermis to the desired muscle where it will temporarily stop movement via the blocking of nerves synapses. After all, wrinkles are created by repetitive muscle movement, where the skin doesn’t have a chance to bounce back to its original form. Imagine a piece of paper repeatedly being folded in the same spot – it’s going to create a fold in the paper that stands no chance at flattening to its original shape. When we block these muscles in the face and allow our collagen and elastin a chance to return our skin to its original form – the results are amazing! Wrinkles will smooth and you skin will look years younger – and what an impactful boost to confidence that is! BOTOX has even been indicated for mitigating some symptoms of depression – and once you’ve tried it, you’ll completely understand why.

Fillers – If wrinkles don’t plague you, it’s likely that under eye hollowing and loss of cheek volume might! Just like BOTOX, fillers will help return your look to that of your younger years, and when done well, you’ll look like you – just BETTER! What’s really the key factor here is being sure to task a certified, highly experienced and educated injector like Michon Leddy, PA-C at Skin Iowa to take on the job! Most of the fillers we administer at Skin Iowa are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring bodily substance that adds plush, natural-looking volume from a substance your body is familiar with! What’s even better about fillers in the hands of an experienced injector is that they can provide a 2 for 1 effect, for example, cheek filler can not only give you lift and definition in the cheek area but will also secondarily pull the outer corners of the mouth to correct a turned down smile and smooth smile lines! Because who doesn’t love getting a little extra bang for their buck?

Ready to pour a little back into your cup? We’re here for you with natural, beautiful results, and more importantly – to go at your pace! Ready to dive into a more dramatic injectable makeover? Great! Want to start slow and just dip your toes into the waters of injectables? We are here to help you achieve your goals on YOUR timeline! Give us a call us today for your comprehensive cosmetic consultation (they’re complimentary!), we can’t wait to see your confidence grow! (515) 223-0119