Meet Morpheus8

While our face is nearly always front and center when we talk about our aging skin concerns, all of us going through the aging process know – it’s a whole-body experience that requires whole-body treatment, after all, if you came across the fountain of youth, you wouldn’t just dip your face in, right? To that end, we’ve got some exciting news to announce at Skin Iowa, PC! There’s a new girl on the block and she’s here to rejuvenate, lift and tighten aging skin on the entire body by replenishing the key building blocks of youthful skin. . . meet Morpheus8®!

What is Morpheus8? Environmental exposure, time, genetics, and lifestyle alike affect the quality and amount of collagen and elastin present in our skin and Morpheus8 is a revolutionary new treatment for the entire body that aims to stimulate these key building blocks of healthier, younger looking skin. Morpheus8 sessions combine the best of what microneedling and radiofrequency have to offer to create controlled trauma sites, which trigger the body’s natural healing and skin firming response. The result is a boost in production of collagen, elastin, and deep level skin tightening. While most microneedling treatments reach depths of 2mm, Morpheus8 needles reach a depth of 4mm, which means the skin’s foundational structure is adequately triggered for optimal anti-aging results. Further, the heating of subdermal tissue from the radiofrequency in the treatment makes for more pronounced tightening and toning. While we all know that collagen and elastin are the key to youthful, refreshed skin, exactly which skin conditions can you expect Morpheus8 to treat? We recommend Morpheus8 to our patients with texture issues, skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, acne (including active acne and scarring), rosacea, cellulite, stretch marks, scarring and more! Moral of the story is that if you have an aging-related skin concern, Morpheus8 has your bases covered, and what we love even more is that it’s safe for all skin types!

How long do results last? Because Morpheus8 treatments are triggering a healing response in your body, optimal results will show at 2 to 3 weeks post treatment and will continue to improve for up to 3 months. Morpheus8 results are long-lasting, permanent and will look their best up to 1 year. . . but just as the sun continues to set each day, we continue to age, so skin will need continual encouragement to keep creating collagen and elastin, and keep you looking younger. Regular skin care and annual Morpheus8 treatments at Skin Iowa, PC will keep your results lasting longer and your investment paying off! For those looking to incorporate other anti-aging therapies (hello filler!) into their Morpheus8 results, we’re happy to tell you that it’s not only safe, but we encourage it to help complete your youthful, refreshed new look!

What is downtime like? Post Morpheus8 treatment, patients may notice some mild swelling, flaking, redness and tightness of the skin for 3 to 5 days. Makeup can be applied the day after treatment, and most patients find they can also return to work at the same time. Any treatment associated irritation dissipates quickly but we always recommend using a medical grade ZO® Skin Health moisturizer during this healing process as well as generous application of sunscreen and avoidance of direct sun exposure. We always tell our patients; this is the perfect excuse to buy that new sun hat you’ve been eyeing and some new skincare goodies as well – and we’re always more than happy to help with suggestions!

At Skin Iowa, PC, it’s of utmost importance to us to offer our patients the latest technology and highest quality medical grade services available, always with our patients desired results at top of mind . . . and of course at the hands of our highly experienced and trained professionals! We’re proud to be the first and only medical facility in Des Moines offering Morpheus8 treatments and we can’t wait to show you what this cutting-edge procedure can do for your skin and your confidence! Call us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation and tap into the REAL fountain of youth: (515) 223-0119