What It’s Really Like to Get PRF Treatments

One of the beautiful things (no pun intended!) about the world of aesthetic medicine is that it is constantly evolving and working to innovate and improve its science and offerings to get you the most effective treatments in the least invasive procedures! Such is the case with PRF, it was all the rage for years when it came to deep collagen and elastin formation but hold up! There’s a new powerhouse in town and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is seriously shaking up the aesthetic community and the way we go about stimulating stem cells to enhance collagen and elastin production, and ultimately give you youthful-looking skin! Today we’re giving you a peek at our social influencer Anne’s experience with the treatment so you know what you can expect!

What is EZPRF?

EZPRF injections are made from your own blood and are processed into a solution that is dense in plasma and growth factors, which is then injected back into the skin for lighter and plumper under-eye skin(among other benefits). Unlike PRP, PRF is extracted using a slow spin, so all the great growth factors we are looking for are easily separated and collected through this slow spinning of the blood. PRF also contains NO additives like heparin or sodium citrate which get in the way of our body’s natural healing process. Also, when switching to PRF you are getting away from the separator plug (made of unknown materials) present in PRP, that inevitably gets extracted while collecting growth factors and subsequently injected into the skin. 

Recently, our social influencer Anne had 3 EZPRF treatments done around her under eye area, so we asked her a few questions about her experience to help give you more insight on what the procedure is really like!

Were you nervous before the treatment?

No, I am never nervous because Michon always does a great job providing information and how the procedure will work. I have been going to her for a while and trust her with my skin and treatments.

What was the pain level during the treatment?

There really isn’t any pain during the treatment. She provides a local numbing injection that allows me to be comfortable and not feel the procedure. If there’s any pain, it is more of a tugging or pinch but very minimal.

How long did the treatment take?

The total process took about 45 min. We talk a bit too and chat about other things, so it may take less than that but for the most part, about 45 minutes.

What are your aftercare instructions?

No workout the same day. No massaging of your eye’s same day. Low intensity work out the next day. Other than that, not much for restrictions!

Before Anne’s very first PRF treatment. You’ll see
redness on her face because she had a cancerous growth removed right before this photo was taken.
Immediately after Anne’s first PRF treatment.
2 days after Anne’s PRF treatment
Final after! 3 PRF treatments complete over 3 months and she is looking youthful and radiant!

Platelet rich fibrin is all about pure, unadulterated collection of those yummy growth factors our bodies respond to the best when it comes to collagen and elastin generation. It’s always better straight from the source, and that’s what we’ve found through our use of EZPRF at Skin Iowa in West Des Moines. Turns out our bodies know what they’re doing after all! Wondering how EZPRF can enhance your skin? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the procedure and give you an idea of what you can expect on your EZPRF journey: 515-223-0119

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