Skin Iowa’s Newest Treatment, PRF Injections

At Skin Iowa, PC, we take great pride in continually researching the latest, most effective treatments in the world of aesthetics and skin health, and sometimes new research leads us in new directions! Just like you’ll upgrade your skincare routine from apricot scrub once you hit your 20’s (and know better!) or start to take your skincare down your neck once you hit your 30’s and realize your neck needs TLC too, the same goes for us with the advances in the world of aesthetic medicine! On that note, we’re so excited to announce the arrival of PRF injections to replace our PRP injections and today we’re going a little deeper into the why behind platelet rich fibrin over platelet rich plasma.

What is PRF? Platelet rich fibrin is extracted by almost the same method as PRP, but when it comes to PRF, it’s all about speed and raw materials! First, our patients’ blood is drawn and collected into a vial without any additives. This is the first key difference between PRF and PRP. PRP would traditionally be mixed with calcium chloride and heparin (blood thinner), which can lead to a stinging sensation upon injection and ultimately needlessly interfere with the body’s natural healing process. Next, PRF is spun at a lower speed, specific angle, in a specific tube (there is no added internal plug in this tube) so the collection process is completely natural and true to original form. Due to this difference in collection method, we end up with more white blood cells and a fibrin clot (similar to when you get a scab), which makes a nice, smooth look that lasts 7-10 days underneath the skin and plays a critical role in the slow release of growth factors and ultimately the long-lasting results we’re looking for. When it comes to PRF injections, less is more and harnessing your body’s ability to heal itself trumps unnecessary additives every time.

Why PRF Over PRP?

✔PRF has a higher concentration of platelets, making it a more potent solution (by about 3-5X).

✔PRF does not utilize added coagulants, so the concentration is less manipulated and truer to its original form.

✔PRF has the same benefits as PRP, but also released more growth factors post procedure, so it continues working longer, lending better, more cost-effective results.

What are PRF Injections For? Now for the golden question – what can we use this incredible self-healing fibrin for? At Skin Iowa, PC in West Des Moines, we’ve had notable success in stimulating hair growth and treating under eye dark circles with platelet rich fibrin. When PRF injections alone are not enough, we also have expertise in adding in different modalities to help you achieve your desired look. Those with darker, more severe hollowing underneath the eyes may see added benefit from filler and microneedling in addition to the PRF injections. Before PRF injection, numbing cream is applied to achieve optimal comfort and downtime is very minimal, some patients may notice minor swelling for 4-5 days, but tend to have lesser swelling on subsequent treatments.

At Skin Iowa, PC, knowledge is king and we’re proud to employ a team who has a passion for aesthetics and more importantly, a thirst for continual learning and evolving! One promise we can make to our patients is that we will never stop seeking cutting edge treatments and technologies to bring you the best skin of your life! Call us today for your complementary cosmetic consultation, we can’t wait to learn more about you and how we can help you achieve your goals: 515-223-0119