The 3 Most Requested Morpheus8 Treatments

We all know that we need to struggle sometimes in order to grow, and that same rule applies to your skin! As we age, our collagen starts to deplete and that’s where one of the world’s most popular treatments in the cosmetic world has created major buzz! Morpheus8® works to challenge and stimulate your skin to ramp up the collagen production and show off its best self! We’ve gotten a lot of questions about this treatment at Skin Iowa and today we’re letting you in on the three most requested Morpheus8 treatments from our patients in beautiful Des Moines!

Stretch Marks – Life’s not fair, and stretch marks unfortunately follow this rule to a T! Stretch marks certainly affect some more than others and are often the result of genetic factors, cortisone levels and the amount of stress placed on the skin in any given area. Stretch marks are well known as one of the most difficult skin issues to treat and minimize the appearance of, and that’s where the powerful radiofrequency and microneedling of Morpheus8 come into play! Morpheus8 treatments work by disrupting skin cells and causing micro injuries that while healing, stimulate the skins collagen production, leaving you with fresh new skin that appears healthier, firmer, and free of stretch marks!

Scarring – Morpheus8 has quickly gained popularity for the incredible results it creates as well as the array of areas it can treat. And while stretch marks favor some over others, the healing and appearance of scars over time varies dramatically from person to person as well! Treatment of scars can also be complicated because there are many types of scars, with varying levels of intensity, from acne scars to injury scars, surgical scars and more. Morpheus8 has proven to give predictable results at minimizing scars of all kinds and helps to promote regenerating skin. During treatment, these same micro injuries mentioned above come into play and prompt natural tissue regeneration, while the heated radiofrequency energy encourages that collagen production we need to give us firmer, rejuvenated, and scar-free skin. Post treatment, as the skin heals, new dermal cells will form, diminishing the harsh appearance of scars, leaving us with clear, healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Sagging Skin – If you haven’t been plagued by scarring or stretch marks over the years, you likely haven’t escaped gravity and the unfortunate side effects of sagging skin that leave us looking tired, aged, and heavy. Morpheus8 has worked incredibly well on our patients with sagging skin, think turkey neck, stomach, and knees to tighten and lift skin in just a few quick appointments! What we love about M8 is that while all of our skin concerns vary, so does this treatment! Standard microneedling only reaches depths of 1mm, but with Morpheus8, we can customize the depth of treatment up to 7mm which produces better results for our patients, and that elastic, supple skin we’re looking for. By delivering this radiofrequency and microneedling at different depths, we are able to target more superficial areas of concern all the way up to more intensive needs to remodel fat, tissue and collagen under the skin for a more customized treatment to get your skin to your desired outcome!

Now that we’ve let you in on our patients most requested Morpheus8 treatments, it’s your turn to see what this transformative treatment can do for you! Call us today for your one-on-one consultation where we’ll take the time to address your unique skin and body concerns and help you achieve your goals in the safest, most effective, and least invasive way possible! You can reach our friendly staff at Skin Iowa at: (515) 223-0119