How Can I Look Better on my Zoom Meetings (no filter required)?

COVID has brought about many daily changes to our lives including remote work and regular ZOOM meetings. Although we love the idea of swapping out our work slacks for pajama bottoms. . . one thing is for sure – our skin is more front and center than ever before. Today, we’ll be focusing on how you can put your best face forward during these challenging times and look your best in those ZOOM meetings, without the beauty filters!

In our skin consultations at Skin Iowa, PC, we are constantly taking in comments from our patients about what bothers them the most about their skin and what their top aesthetic goals are, and the recent surge in video conferencing has only magnified these concerns. Time after time we hear about the main suspects: wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and lack of volume. . . and it makes sense! These are some of the most common (and obvious) signs of aging skin and some of the skin concerns we treat the most!

Target those Wrinkles: First for those fine lines and wrinkles, our go-to is. . . you guessed it – BOTOX® Cosmetic! This ever-popular neurotoxin temporarily relaxes the muscles in and around its injection site in a way that softens the muscles and allows your skin to “bounce back” into place and gently release those deep-set lines and wrinkles. While BOTOX lasts about three to four months, we find that the more our patients stay up on their appointments, the longer it lasts and the bigger return on investment becomes. Also, some may be surprised to hear that BOTOX is partially preventative, so if you continue with routine treatment it will keep you from contracting your facial muscles in ways that will ultimately deepen lines and wrinkles.

Zap Away Dull Skin: Dullness! We all get it over time and many factors contribute to an overall look of tired, sun damaged, scarred skin. If you’ve been wondering how your co-workers keep their skin flawless and filter-free on those ZOOM calls. . . we’re here to tell you that the halo™ laser system may very well be the reason why! This hybrid fractional laser (the world’s first!) delivers non-ablative and ablative wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment area, offering revolutionary resurfacing that targets the most visible signs of skin aging including wrinkles, discoloration, scars and overall laxity. The most popular treatment areas aside from the face include the neck, chest, arms, hands and legs and you have to believe us when we tell you, the difference halo makes in fine lines, scarring and skin texture issues will have you (and the others in your ZOOM call) basking in your new halo glow!

Pump up the Volume: Natural loss of collagen and thus lack of volume is a common complaint of our patients coming in for some skin TLC. This is where we turn to one of our favorite treatments – dermal filler! Cosmetic dermal fillers are used for plumping and lifting cheeks, under eyes, chins, jawlines, and temples as well as filling out thin lips and adding life to aging, sunken hands. Understand why we love it now? This nearly all-in-one filler is perfect for plumping shallow areas on the face that contribute to an “aged” look and here’s the best part – it often lasts a year! Not only do you save money on treatments, but you also save yourself the time of frequent appointments and enjoy the results for months to come! Stay up on your treatments and like BOTOX, you’ll enjoy the compounding benefits of better and longer lasting results!

Aesthetic treatments can make a big impact on how you look online and every day. While life will surely start to resume to some new sense of normal, one thing we believe to be true is that remote work and virtual meetings are here to stay. Even more reason to invest in yourself and call Skin Iowa, PC to book your complimentary consultation today so you can get on your way to an effortless, filter-free, ZOOM-ready look: (515) 223-0119