How Much Does BOTOX® Cost in Des Moines?

Are those frown lines creeping up on you lately and have you seriously considering getting that BOTOX® Cosmetic appointment on the calendar? However, you’re curious what kind of investment you’re in for? Today we’re going over all things wrinkle reducers; what to expect, the cost associated and how long you can expect those pesky wrinkles to be at bay after treatment.

What Are Injectable Wrinkle Reducers? Wrinkle reducers go by many names, but many refer to them in general as BOTOX, because it is the most recognizable brand, and it is a mash up of the actual toxin name doing all the work in wrinkle reducers: botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin is FDA approved to temporary and effectively reduce wrinkles and BOTOX works by temporarily weakening the muscles that create wrinkles, smoothing your facial creases and restoring that youthful look we all strive for.

What Does BOTOX Cost? BOTOX is priced per unit and varies in price, ranging around $12 -$15 a unit depending on your injector’s experience and education. The million-dollar question: How many units do I need? While that is a tricky question to answer across the board, on average, for those looking to improve horizontal forehead lines, you may be looking at around 20 units, while frown lines may need around 18-24 units for treatment. It all varies depending on the patient and the depth of the wrinkles we’re looking to treat. If you’re wanting to save a little on BOTOX in Des Moines, join our savvy VIP Members at Skin Iowa, PC who receive either 10 or 25 units of FREE BOTOX every year (depending on membership level)! To learn about how you can join and save, click here.

How Long Does BOTOX Last? On average, BOTOX lasts around 3-4 months. . . but again, this depends on your rate of aging. Yes, unfortunately, we do all age at different rates and the major factors that play into how quickly you age include sun exposure, smoking, drinking and genetics. However, those with more superficial facial wrinkles or creases might notice their results last them closer to 6 months. For those who commit to regular BOTOX treatments, after a few years may notice they can go up to 9 months before needing further treatment.

Luckily, at Skin Iowa, PC, you couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to finding the right aesthetic injector. Michon Leddy, PA-C has spent the last 10 years perfecting her craft in the field of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine and has trained with Beverly Hills and Brazilian plastic surgeons, along with other top leaders in the industry, honing in her skills and expertise. Sue Schooler, PA-C began her professional career in 1992, working with top plastic surgeons to create one of the first skin health departments in the state of Iowa for non-invasive facial rejuvenation, while also developing the largest BOTOX, laser and filler product practice in the Midwest. She continues to lecture on dermatology and plastic surgery at Des Moines University, College of Health Sciences and we could not be prouder to have her and Michon’s professional services available to our patients at Skin Iowa, PC.

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