Physician Assistant Susan on the 1 Treatment She Wishes More Patients Knew About

So you’ve noticed the “eleven lines” starting to show themselves in-between your brows. Simple fix, you call Skin Iowa, PC and get your BOTOX® Cosmetic appointment on the books, right? Easy enough. But our PA-C Susan wants you to know that the BOTOX benefits don’t stop there! What most don’t realize is the multitude of areas this well-known wrinkle relaxer treats. From jawline shaping to reduced neck banding, this injectable can do so much more than simply treat your facial wrinkles and creases. We’ve gotten together with Susan and she has shared with us all of the other areas of the body that can benefit from BOTOX!

  • What to Expect with BOTOX: Let’s start from the beginning, BOTOX is a neurotoxin, derived from an organism found in nature and is non-toxic. It is largely used to temporarily reduce muscle contraction, resulting in less stiff muscles, and thus, less wrinkles. What can you expect during your BOTOX appointment? PA-C Susan simply uses a fine needle to administer BOTOX into the targeted muscle and voila! After injection, it generally takes 4 to 5 days for the BOTOX to start working and is fully effective in 10- 12 days


  • Where can BOTOX be Used: Here’s where we get to the good stuff. There are SO many more places BOTOX can be used than you might realize! Some include; the mentum, DAO’s, nose, lower lids, neck and much, much more. BOTOX also works extremely well at jawline shaping. For example, if a patient has a naturally square jaw, PA-C Susan can inject the masseters to achieve a more feminine and flattering tapering “V” jawline. Susan also loves treating the upper lip with BOTOX, for a fuller look with less lines above the lip. Another little-known place that can be treated is “sad mouth”. Some naturally have outer portions of the mouth that turn down and the look of constant frowning can understandably be less than flattering. PA-C Susan has had great success in treating this with BOTOX to relax the contraction of those tight muscles and allow the outer potions of the mouth to turn upwards. Lastly, one of her favorite areas to treat with BOTOX are necks. Neck banding can be vastly improved with BOTOX to reduce the band-like effect, which is something those of us who chronically clench our jaws (or just have a natural loss of collagen) can seriously appreciate. If you’d like to learn more about what areas we can treat with BOTOX, we’d love to talk more! Just call us at: (515) 223-0119


  • Benefits of BOTOX: Where to start? BOTOX is a non-surgical treatment for one of the cosmetic issues women and men suffer with most: wrinkles, and what we’ve learned today is that there is so much more that this miracle injectable can treat! BOTOX can be administered during a quick and easy office visit with the injections usually only taking about 10 minutes. Downtime is minimal and normal activities can be resumed nearly immediately after injection. One of the biggest benefits is longevity! BOTOX results typically last 3-4 months and regular patients also notice less new wrinkle formation! BOTOX is also considered to be relatively safe by researchers when compared to more invasive procedures and with more than a thousand BOTOX treatments administered each year, you can rest assured that you are in good hands at Skin Iowa, PC.

Now you’ve got the skinny on all the places BOTOX can be used . . . and we didn’t even list them all! Looking to save on BOTOX? Take a peek at our VIP Membership options and see how you can save a little green this popular injectable at Skin Iowa, PC! We’re ready to chat when you are! Call us at (515) 223-0119 with your injectable questions and any other skin concerns you might have and we’ll put our years of expertise to work for you!