HALO™ Laser, What A Treatment is Really Like. . .

Des Moines Halo Laser Treatment

We’re back and we’re thrilled to share all of the details on our skin makeover with local fashion blogger, Casually Jules’! To jog your memory, Jules was looking to improve dark spots from sun damage, uneven skin tone and dry skin around her nose. She was new to the world of medical grade skincare treatments was excited to get started with Michon Leddy, PA-C at Skin Iowa, PC. After a comprehensive skincare consultation, Michon determined that Jules would be a perfect candidate for a HALO™ treatment and to enhance her results, got her on a medical grade skincare regimen as well. To reference that regimen, click HERE. Next, it was time to schedule her HALO treatment and start letting her skincare work its magic!

HALO is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser and is touted for its ability to deliver both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment zone. The capability of this dual-wavelength feature means that you can get great results with minimal downtime (because who has time for that anymore!) Even better, results are immediately visible and target a wide range of skin concerns including discoloration, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, sun damage and scarring. Now, the golden question – am I a good candidate for HALO laser treatments? The answer is likely, YES! The setting options are so diverse and meticulous on these lasers that we can treat someone who is simply looking for an anti-aging refresh as well as patients looking for a complete anti-aging update, and it even helps to drastically decrease acne scarring, too!

Now for the fun part, Julianna’s results! She was kind enough to let us document her treatment and we’re sharing it with you to give you a little peek inside the process:

Were you nervous before the treatment? No, I knew I was in great hands after my consultation with Skin Iowa. Michon prepared me for what to expect going into the treatment and explained each step to me in detail to ease any initial worries.

What was the pain level during the treatment? We did my face in four sections (right, left, forehead, and nose). In each section, we went over it about 3 times with the laser. The first two times were not painful at all, but the third time was when the heat started to set in. It was not unbearable by any means, but I would describe it as a tolerable discomfort.

How long did it take? The laser process itself took about 18 minutes, followed with another 10 minutes of “cooling”. It was much quicker than I anticipated! Just when I felt like the laser was getting intense, we were done! Michon was sure to tell me exactly what she was doing before she did it and let me know how much we had left to go which helped me get through the pain! Chatting with her definitely helped keep my mind off of things!

What are your aftercare instructions? I was given the ZO® Gentle Cleanser to use twice a day, morning and night. Followed by the cleanser, I am to use the ZO Hydrating Crème and the ZO Skin Brightener for hydration!


One Day After – Burning sensation subsided, skin felt bumpy and raised, lot of redness, some swelling under eyes. Skin feels tight and dry.

Three Days After – Redness beginning to subside, shedding of dead skin has begun. Skin is still bumpy and raised. Any tightness has subsided.

Five Days After – Face is nearly all shedded. Noticeable different in dark spots. Skills feels “back to normal”.

Final After – After the peeling process I noticed about 3-4 weeks where my skin went through a purging stage. Michon reassured me this is to be expected, so nothing to worry about there! Now that my skin is out of the 8-week window, I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of and darkness in sunspots on my face. I have noticed a decrease in fine lines around my eyes/crow’s feet. Overall, I have an increase in “glow”. I feel confident going out in public without makeup on (but always wearing my sunscreen now!). This laser exceeded my expectations! I am truly blown away by the results.


Would you look at her results! Just gorgeous and goes to show that you don’t need to have major skin concerns to see major improvements with the HALO Laser Treatment. We want to say a big thank you to Casually Jules’ for allowing us to document her skin journey and hope this helped answer questions for those who have been considering HALO for themselves. For fun everyday style tips, including budget finds & splurge worthy staples to incorporate into your wardrobe. . . be sure to follow her on Instagram by clicking HERE and if you’ve been curious what our skin professionals would recommend for your skin concerns, call us for your free cosmetic consult . . . we can’t wait to help release your inner GLOW: (515) 223-0119.