4 of Our Most Popular Treatments for Moms

You’re going to be different after babies and that’s okay! Skin Iowa, PC has options to help you refine your well-earned changes and get you feeling like yourself again so you can embrace this new chapter in your life with open arms! Read on for 4 of our most popular treatments for new moms in West Des Moines!

Skin Laxity & Stretch Marks – While ever tiger must earn their stripes (and boy, do we earn ours as mothers!) It completely makes sense that you’d rather not show them to the world! Pregnancy can leave us with pronounced stretch marks and skin laxity unlike before, but at Skin Iowa we have a solution! Our popular Morpheus8 treatment helps to stimulate remodeling in the adipose tissue of the dermis – which means full body tightening, skin resurfacing and even fat reduction in the most stubborn areas! To ensure your utmost comfort, we also offer Pro-Nox™ with treatment, so treatment is as easy and pain free as ever!

Spider Veins – Hormone changes during pregnancy lead to an increase in the amount of blood pumping through your veins, which makes sense when you think about what it takes to grow a baby! But one of the not so cute side effects can be spider veins that may appear on your face, neck, arms, belly, and legs. This is where we turn to one of our favorite treatments – sclerotherapy! Sclerotherapy treatment is very straightforward and easy, as is consists of injecting a solution directly into the vein, which causes the vein to scar and collapse, forcing blood to reroute through healthier veins. The collapsed vein is reabsorbed into local tissue and eventually fades, aka sayonara spider veins!

Discoloration and Uneven Skin Tone – Oh how we love babies, but one thing all mothers know is that they don’t come without their fair share of challenges – and it starts in the womb! Another effect your shifting hormones can cause during pregnancy is pigmentation changes like sunspots and uneven skin tone. To give your skin a beautiful refresh after all those months of hormone fluctuations, we love to utilize our HALO® laser! The advanced hybrid fractional technology that HALO enables us to effectively target and break apart the melanin in skin that causes sun spots and discoloration.  It also creates micro-channels in the skin to stimulate the growth of fresh new collagen to help return your skin to its glowy, even toned, pre-baby glory!

Eye Bags – While your hormone levels (and genetics) may have saved you from melasma or spider veins, those long nights (and eye bags that accompany them) are hard for any new mom to dodge! Lucky for you, Skin Iowa is proud to offer the latest in Platlet-Rich Fibrin injections that will make your under-eye woes a thing of the past! Platelet rich fibrin is extracted by collecting our patients’ blood into an additive-free vial. Next, PRF is spun at a low speed, specific angle, in a specific tube so the collection process is completely natural and true to original form. Due to this collection method, we end up with a nice, smooth under eye look that lasts 7-10 days underneath the skin and plays a critical role in the slow release of your own growth factors and ultimately the long-lasting results we’re looking for.

You did it, mama! You’ve gotten though the long, arduous months of pregnancy, the marathon of labor, and all that comes with having a new baby in the house. We at Skin Iowa are in your corner and are here to help you get back to feeling (and looking) like yourself again post baby! Call us today to get your one-on-one consultation scheduled and let’s pour some love back into your cup: 515-223-0119