Wake Up with Makeup

If you’re anything like us, the mornings before school drop off and work don’t have time to add ONE more thing to them! One swipe of tinted sunscreen, mascara, brush the teeth after coffee and we’re out the door! But what if you could wake up with your makeup already done? That perfectly shaped brow, straight, even eyeliner and your favorite shade of lip color. . . already there? With our RN Lisa’s SofTap® technique it’s completely possible and today we’re here to tell you why this unique method is currently trending in Europe and quickly gaining popularity around the world.

SofTap Procedure – The SofTap procedure is very unique in nature, especially when compared with the more common technique for permanent cosmetics we all know as microblading. While microblading certainly had its time in the sun, its actually currently trending out in Europe due to its tendency to lead to permanent scarring and skin damage. The SofTap technique (also known as powder brows) entails using 100% disposable hand tools to lend very natural, powder-like results from the gentle tapping motion used to deposit pigment at the surface of the skins dermal layer, just below the epidermis. The SofTap method is very controlled, gentle, noninvasive, virtually noiseless and delivers anything from a soft, virtually undetectable beauty enhancement to a complete reconstruction of missing eyebrows. Permanent eyeliner is gentle, long lasting, and permanent lips are soft and full. But does it hurt? We’re glad you asked! Because SofTapping is so gentle, very little topical anesthetic is used, to ensure your utmost comfort, but many patients tell us that brow tweezing hurts more, and some even fall asleep during the procedure!

SoftTap Results – Post procedure, the initial results will appear darker and bolder in color and more sharply defined, which will last 3-4 days. Any swelling and redness is minimal with most clients, will disappear within 24-48 hours and will not prevent working or socializing. The treated area may feel a bit like a sunburn afterwards with only minimal discomfort. The care taken after your SofTap application will help ensure the most uniform and optimal results possible and while the aftercare instructions will vary depending on area of the face, they generally consist of keeping the area clean, protecting from the sun and staying away from picking or tampering with the freshly SofTapped skin. Once fully healed, the final result will look soft, natural and lightly shaded in. As time goes on, your results will fade due to various environmental factors and exposure. To best maintain your results, we recommend touch ups yearly or more frequently as needed and as you notice your pigment lightening.

There you have it! A fool proof way to get picture perfect makeup each day, ready to go when you wake up, and let’s be real – give yourself more time to get your latte going in the morning! Whether it’s time for a mommy makeover or you’re just looking to save time and frustration in the mornings – one thing is for sure, you won’t find a more experienced permanent cosmetics technician than our Skin Iowa, PC RN Lisa and our cosmetic consultations with her are always free! Call us today at (515) 223-0119 and get your perfect look healed and ready to show off this fall!