Leave it to the Professionals: Plasma Pen

In this day and age, we can order nearly anything our heart desires and have it conveniently dropped on our porch within a day or two (thanks Amazon!) But, while this may work well when you’ve ran out of diapers or your favorite dish soap there’s a reason why the “plasma pens” and other DIY beauty tools online come with very mixed reviews and quite honestly, quite a bit of risk for the end user. Today we’re here to give you a little more insight into what the PlasmaPen™ procedure entails at Skin Iowa, PC and why you should always leave the medical grade treatments in the hands of our experienced professionals.

The Risks of At-Home PlasmaPens: When you’re thinking about getting fibroblast treatment, it’s important to remember that like with anything else, you get what you pay for. If you’re buying an inexpensive tool online you plan on using yourself at home, that will come with serious risks, including unintentional burning of the skin and permanent scarring. While the issue partially lies in cheap, unregulated products, it also equally lies in the hands of the administrator of treatment. This also rings true for inexperienced staff at spas, who aren’t regulated and don’t need to comply with the same standards as medical facilities like Skin Iowa, PC. The gentle touch, extensive training and experience with real, licensed PlasmaPen products you’ll receive at Skin Iowa, PC will ensure that you’re getting the intended benefits of lifted, tightened and refreshed skin without the permanent damage and added cost of repairing injured skin.

Why Choose an Experienced, Licensed Provider: At Skin Iowa, PC we are a licensed Medical Practice with the highest quality medical grade treatments, products, education, experience and reputation to match. Our Medical Esthetician Sabrina has successfully treated more PlasmaPen patients that anyone in the Des Moines area and has conducted advanced training in the PlasmaPen technique. During a real PlasmaPen procedure, the pen never touches the face, rather hovering directly above your skin, heating and disrupting all the way to your dermal skin layer to create micro traumas, which result in tiny blood clots with small scabs on top of them. This controlled damage targets the fibroblasts in your skin, which signal a creation of white blood cells and an increase in collagen production to repair the tissue. As a result, while tissue is repaired, the skin will be lifted, tightened, smoothed, and overall rejuvenated. This makes it the perfect treatment for accordion lines, acne scars, crows’ feet, forehead lines, jawline/jowl tightening, smile lines, neck lines, smokers’ lines, stretch marks, and one of our favorites – the upper and lower eyelids! It’s a great alternative to cosmetic surgery for its non-invasive nature, short downtime and long-lasting results.

When looking for safe, noticeable PlasmaPen results, it’s of utmost importance to seek out the medical professionals with not only a deeper understanding of the human body and skin, but also advanced training in the techniques and treatments they offer. This will ensure the safe, effective results you’re looking for without the cost and pain of unintentional skin damage. Don’t be yet another negative review for a subpar Amazon beauty tool, call to book with Medical Esthetician Sabrina, the Midwest’s Authority in PlasmaPen treatment today: (515) 223-0119