All About Lip Fillers in Des Moines’

Lip fillers have become as popular and common as routine hair appointments and we are here for it! While your hair starts to gray and needs touching up over time, it’s only natural that your lips will lose their natural fullness and need a little touch up, too! Whether you prefer a subtle plumping, a pout like Kylie Jenner’s or just need a little lip flip, there’s a filler or service at Skin Iowa, PC that will get you your dream lips. Today we’re featuring some of our most popular filler options to give you a peek behind the curtain on how we achieve those luscious lips we all love.

Juvéderm® Ultra: When you’re looking for that plump, full, Kylie Jenner-style pout, Juvéderm Ultra is your go-to girl. Juvéderm Ultra is used for treating sunken scars, aged hands, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and you guessed it – to enhance lips. This highly concentrated hyaluronic acid gel-based filler is pretty incredible for two main reasons – it lasts longer than the 4–6-month lifetime most fillers of its kind offer with it’s one YEAR effectiveness, and while you might expect a rock hard, stiff injectable with this kind of lifetime, don’t! Juvéderm Plus (like the other Juvéderm fillers below) is comprised of your body’s own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid (a kind of sugar with a natural ability to hold water), so it adds volume and a natural cushion to wherever it’s administered without the unnatural look of a filler that won’t move with your lips.

So, what’s Juvéderm Ultra XC? While it may sound next level, this filler is actually the exact same formula as Juvéderm Ultra but also contains an anesthetic (lidocaine) to make your procedure even more comfortable. So, wherever you see XC behind your favorite fillers name, know this is also the case!

Juvéderm Vollure™: Often touted as the softest dermal filler on the market, Vollure boasts a perfect balance between the three Juvéderm options. What we love about Vollure is its soft, supple fill and effectiveness at treating lip lines as well, creating a natural, all-encompassing lip augmentation. Vollure carries with it a little less firmness than Ultra, with a tad more weight than Volbella and its formula also attracts less water than other Juvéderm products, so some patients note that they experience less swelling immediately after injection. For those patients who want full lips without the obvious “I just got my lips filled” look, Vollure is what we’ll reach for. With results lasting up to 2 years, Vollure is a great option for all ages that provides a lot of value and less frequent filler appointments (because let’s be real, time is money!) When Goldilocks was looking for that “just right” filler, trust us – she went with Vollure.

Juvéderm Volbella™: This thin, delicate gel is a great way to subtly create natural-looking hydration in the lips as opposed to the plumper look you’ll get with the options above. Rather than an obvious full pout, with Volbella, think of a more curvaceous look, outlining the lips to bring back the definition of our youth and smoothing of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles around the lips. If you’re not necessarily looking for more volume in your lips but would like your current pout to show more definition, Volbella may be a perfect fit for you. With a two-year lifetime, Volbella is a great investment to show our lips a little more love and restore that hydration we lose as we age in an injectable that they’ll never assume you got!

Lip Flips: So, you love your lip volume, but your bottom lip has a little more emphasis than your upper lip (or visa versa)? Lip flips may be the perfect option for you! This simple procedure involves administered a muscle relaxer like BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® to the upper or lower part of your lip lines to relax the muscles and let your lips naturally “flip” outwards. Because little muscle relaxer is used to create this effect, this is a very affordable procedure and one we highly recommend for those whose just need a little emphasis.

When those stinging lip plumping glosses have run their course (and boy do we love the idea!), it’s time to join the millions of other women who have turned to cosmetic lip fillers! While your fullness and shape are completely unique to you, know that at Skin Iowa, PC in Des Moines, we are here to help work with you to get you the lips that fit your facial features and amplify your lips to the level you want. Call us today for your consult and let’s get you on your way to soft, fuller, kissable lips in no time: (515) 223-0119