[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][gap size=”-50px”][custom_headline type=”left” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h4″]What is sun damage?[/custom_headline][text_output]No one can avoid the natural process of aging, as the skin thins and lines and wrinkles appear. Excessive exposure to the sun early in life can make a person look older than he or she really is. This premature wrinkling and skin damage from sun exposure is called photoaging. Photoaging, unlike natural aging, results in coarse, dry skin; freckling and skin discoloration; leathery skin; and deep wrinkles.

Various treatments are available including medical skin care, chemical exfoliation and laser.

  • Botulinum toxin type A. An injection of botulinum toxin (a complex type of protein) into specific muscles will immobilize those muscles, preventing them from forming wrinkles and furrows. The use of botulinum will also soften existing wrinkles.
  • Chemical peels. Chemical peels are often used to minimize sun-damaged skin, irregular pigment, and superficial scars. A chemical peel is a procedure performed by Skin Iowa using various solutions to achieve a controlled treatment of the skin layers. The depth of treatment varies; it can be superficial, medium, or deep depending on skin type and the cosmetic and therapeutic goal. The top layer of skin is removed with a chemical application to the skin. By removing the top layer, the skin regenerates, often improving its appearance.
  • Soft tissue augmentation or filler injections. A soft tissue filler is injected beneath the skin to replace the body’s natural collagen that has been lost. There are multiple different kinds of fillers available. Filler is generally used to treat wrinkles, scars, and facial lines.
  • Dermabrasion. Dermabrasion may be used to minimize small scars, minor skin surface irregularities, surgical scars, and acne scars. As the name implies, dermabrasion involves removing the top layers of skin with an electrical machine that abrades the skin. As the skin heals from the procedure, the surface appears smoother and fresher.A gentler version of dermabrasion, called microdermabrasion, uses small particles passed through a vacuum tube to remove aging skin and stimulate new skin growth. This procedure works best on mild to moderate skin damage and may require several treatments.
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, also referred to as photorejuvenation. IPL therapy is different from laser therapy in that it delivers multiple wavelengths of light with each pulse (lasers deliver only one wavelength). These lasers can improve skin texture, redness, veins, blotchiness, and brown spots .
  • Laser skin resurfacing. Laser skin resurfacing uses high-energy light to burn away damaged skin. Laser resurfacing may be used to minimize wrinkles and fine scars. A newer treatment option is called nonablative resurfacing, which also uses a laser as well as electrical energy without damaging the top layers of skin.

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